A turbocharger consists of a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel that rotate on a common shaft in an aluminum housing. The turbine wheel is plumbed into the exhaust system and exhaust flow spins the turbine blades, which in turn drives the compressor wheel. The compressor section of the turbo is part of the air intake system. Air is drawn through the air filter and intake tube, compressed by the compressor wheel and forced into the intake manifold.
Superchargers have two multi-lobed gear-driven rotors closely meshed inside an aluminum case located on top of the engine. A shaft attached to one of the gears is driven by the engine via a serpentine belt. Air is drawn through the air filter, intake tube and throttle body into the supercharger, and is compressed by the spinning rotor blades and forced into the intake manifold. On most vehicles, an intercooler is connected between the air outlet of the turbocharger or supercharger and the intake manifold to cool the intake charge before it enters the engine.